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The Hazards Associated with Working at Height

Are you in the process of planning for property maintenance work in Oxford? Or are you the project manager of a construction site organising a safe and efficient working environment? If your project involves working at height, you will need to hire a reputable scaffolding company to assemble a safe and secure scaffold. The reality is, working at height is one of the most dangerous environments for any professional to operate in. As domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors, we can attest to that.

From temporary roof scaffolding to access towers, our scaffolders have the experience and expertise to make your site safe. We recognise the many risks that contractors face when their work takes them off the ground, so our risk assessment of your Oxford site will identify and resolve all safety issues.

Below, we have looked at some of the biggest hazards associated with working at height. This will give you an insight into the kind of safety issues our scaffolding contractors seek to address when planning your own scaffold.

We cover all domestic and commercial scaffolding needs. Our scaffolders make sites of any kind safe and functional.

Working at Height | Common Hazards

Falling Objects

It’s understandable to think that the contractors working on the scaffold itself face the most risk. While this is true to an extent, the builders, scaffolders and other trades working on the ground are also exposed to significant danger. This primarily comes in the form of objects falling from height.

If anything like equipment, tools or building materials fall from temporary roof scaffolding or the upper levels of a scaffold structure, they can seriously injure, and even kill, anyone they hit on the ground.

The best way to prevent accidents of this nature is through good working practices and ongoing training. As a reputable domestic and commercial scaffolding company, we provide advice and guidance on how to safely use your structure in Oxford, from the ground level to the temporary roof scaffolding.

Common, easy-to-apply safety solutions include:

The Weather

As your scaffolding contractors, we control every element of your scaffold’s safety. Unfortunately, our scaffolders can’t do the same with the weather. Whether in Oxford or any other location, we all know conditions can take a sudden turn. As such, it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality. From snow to heatwaves, and from rain to hail, every type of weather presents a unique set of challenges.

Temporary roof scaffolding is a great solution in most situations. It prevents rain from creating slippery surfaces, it helps to limit ice, snow and leaf build-ups, and it provides shade on sunny days.

Another concern for domestic or commercial scaffolding is strong winds. They can loosen, even dislodge, scaffold components. However, as SSSTS advanced scaffold inspectors, our scaffolders perform safety inspections following adverse weather. You can rest assured, our scaffolding company never compromises on safety.

Potential Fall Distances

When our scaffolding contractors design your structure in Oxford, we integrate features that increase functionality and safety. For example, access solutions improve traffic flow, while temporary roof scaffolding creates an encapsulated environment and reduces delays.

Our scaffolders also assess the various heights at which work will take place. We then use this information and consider ways to reduce injury should something or someone fall from that height. This is an approach our own domestic and commercial scaffolding company takes during assembly operations.

From here, we then advise on further safety solutions for your site. This tends to come in the form of PPE for contractors, such as fall arrest systems.

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