Previous Work

fleet of Oxford Blue Scaffolding Ltd company vehicles side profile of fleet of company vehicles indoor commercial scaffolding structure large commercial building with several catwalks surrounding it shop front with scaffolding above the entrance michael kors shop front surrounded by scaffolding scaffolding around the side of a commercial building new home construction with wall cladding and scaffolding new domestic roof being assembled large commercial structure covered with a temporary roof public street-side building scaffolding with blue netting brick house having a temporary roof assembled brand new home construction surrounded by scaffolding scaffolding structure set up outside of traditional house street-side scaffolding with yellow foam buffers on scaffolding residential home having a new roof constructed wooden roof frame being constructed on construction site commercial building featuring scaffolding catwalks and blue safety netting indoors scaffolding structure inside a dilapidated building commercial scaffolding which includes multi-layered catwalks street-side scaffolding structure with safety netting interior exposed scaffolding beams fastened by scaffolding fixtures yellow industrial scaffolding complemented by steel scaffolding beams old commercialised building being revamped large traditional structure with a scaffolding network going up the side of it