Scaffolding Contractors in Faringdon

Why You Should Use Scaffolding in Your Construction Project

If you’re in the planning phase of your renovation or construction project in Faringdon, you probably have a lot on your plate. As a time-served domestic and commercial scaffolding company, we see first-hand how much thought, effort and organisation goes into these ventures. At this early stage, however, it’s vital to ensure you have the right tools, equipment and systems in place for your team to complete their work safely and effectively. For even the smallest jobs, this means hiring reputable scaffolding contractors.

All our scaffolders hold CISRS cards and have undergone CITB training. From temporary roof scaffolding to independent scaffolds, we have vast knowledge of all scaffold types. When combined with our decades of practical experience, you can rest assured that we provide a fast, seamless service that keeps your project on track and within budget.

Like any reputable scaffolding company, we want to give you peace of mind. We happily show examples of our workmanship during an initial consultation at your Faringdon property.

But you can gain an insight into the standards our domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors achieve by visiting the Previous Work page. This includes examples of our temporary roof scaffolding.

Why Use Our Scaffolders for Your Construction Work?


As a leading scaffolding company in the Faringdon area, we never compromise on safety. In fact, the primary reason for using the expertise of scaffolding contractors is to prevent injuries and accidents linked to working at height.

Work at height holds inherent risk, so it’s vital that your property or construction site has a strong, stable scaffold. The raised platforms on domestic and commercial scaffolding offers outstanding access to hard-to-reach areas. They also allow your team to perform at optimal standards without any safety concerns.

In addition, our temporary roof scaffolding protects your team from above, be it a rain shower or the summer sun.

Our scaffolders provide a highly personal service, so we tailor safety recommendations to the unique specifications of your project. Needless to say, we have the knowledge, resources and manpower to make any site safe.

Effective Teamwork

Depending on the size of your Faringdon project, you will likely have multiple contractors working at your site at once. With a set timescale and budget to contend with, you need to ensure your individual team members have enough room to operate effectively. As a scaffolding company, we know that time spent waiting is time wasted, and that can be costly in construction.

Our domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors create easily navigable platforms and structures. This allows multiple contractors to work together, or independently, without any space concerns. Not only does this offer unmatched convenience, it also promotes efficiency.

Our scaffolders can also integrate temporary roof scaffolding to create a weatherproof environment. This reduces the likelihood of delays even more.

Ease of Work and Flexibility

It goes without saying, scaffolds are temporary structures. When it comes to temporary roof scaffolding, it’s even in the name. This is a huge benefit for your Faringdon project: our domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors can assemble and dismantle your structure as and when you need it. We can even move it to a different part of your site when the focus of your work moves on.

When it comes to work at height, you simply can’t improve on the flat, secure platforms our scaffolding company installs. Our scaffolders create access to otherwise inaccessible spots, meaning no area of your property is off limits.

Call 01235 537 825 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our scaffolding contractors. We happily visit sites across Faringdon and the surrounding areas.