Scaffolding Company in Thame

How We Maintain Safety Through the Seasons

Are you planning to undertake maintenance, renovation or construction work at your Thame property? Are you concerned about how the weather conditions might affect your project? As a leading domestic and commercial scaffolding company in the region, Oxford Blue Scaffolding maintains safe structures year-round. With decades of shared experience, our scaffolding contractors design and assemble working platforms that allow roofers, builders, electricians and other trades to work safely and to optimal standards.

Our scaffolders can also integrate numerous features, including temporary roof scaffolding, for a structure that meets all your requirements. No matter the type of scaffold we design for you, however, we always put safety first. Our scaffolding company works in line with strict Health and Safety regulations to deliver optimal levels of security.

Like any reputable scaffolding contractors, regular inspections play a key role in maintaining the safety of our frameworks. Our scaffolders undertake these checks after every 7 days of use and following adverse weather conditions.

In fact, the weather is one of the biggest threats to domestic and commercial scaffolding safety. From small access towers to large structures with temporary roof scaffolding, we adapt to the conditions at your Thame site.

From the hottest days of summer to the depths of winter, we never compromise on safety.

Safe Scaffolding in Every Season


Spring comes with increased, often problematic, showers. These sudden downpours create slippery surfaces, something that becomes even more dangerous when working at height. If strong winds pick up too, they can blow debris around your Thame site.

For the most part, though, spring is a good time to begin construction and maintenance projects. Our domestic and commercial scaffolding company recommends you tell your onsite personnel where they can find shelter if the weather turns bad. This is the same approach we take with our scaffolders during assembly and dismantling.

As scaffolding contractors with expertise in temporary roof scaffolding, we can also create an environment protected from the elements.


Summer is a popular time for hiring a scaffolding company and getting started on a property renovation. Despite the nicer, more settled weather, there are still numerous safety precautions to stay aware of.

Unsurprisingly, sunburn and heatstroke are the biggest problems for anyone working outside in and around Thame. Distractions from hay fever and overheating aerosol cans are also things to bear in mind.

These are simple to manage though. By keeping everyone hydrated, having sunscreen and the required medication on hand, and by putting cans in a shaded area, you drastically reduce these concerns.

Our scaffolders fit temporary roof scaffolding structures that provide protection against the sun, not to mention sudden summer storms. If you’re starting a project during the summer, our domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors provide guidance and advice on how best to manage conditions during your initial consultation.


The biggest concern with Autumn is the unpredictable weather. While some days feel like an Indian summer, others are a complete washout. Fallen leaves also collect around your site and structure towards the end of the season. If these get wet, they soon become a slip hazard.

In the very worst case scenario of an Autumn storm, our scaffolding company will send members of our team to your site in Thame for a scaffold inspection. Needless to say, temporary roof scaffolding helps to protect your site from the worst of the elements.


More accidents occur on scaffolds during winter than any other season. It’s essential for your contractors to take the necessary extra precautions to minimise the risk of injury. Chief among these is regular inspections for icy surfaces. Sunlight hours in winter are minimal. This makes hazards harder to spot, especially as work progresses into darker afternoons.

Much like our own domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors, it’s also important for your onsite team to wear multiple layers of warm clothing. This prevents them – as well as our scaffolders – from coming down with illnesses, and even frostbite.

If the workforce allotted to your Thame project loses a member or two for a few days, your work could fall behind schedule.

Call 01235 537 825 to talk with a member of our scaffolding company about your project. We provide domestic and commercial scaffolding solutions in Thame and the neighbouring areas.