Commercial Scaffolding in Reading

How to Manage Scaffold-related Risks

Are you planning a maintenance, renovation or construction project in the Reading area? When it comes to choosing your domestic or commercial scaffolding company, there are many points to consider. Chief among these, however, should be safety. To create a safe environment for you, your contractors, your property and the public passing your site, you must opt for scaffolding contractors with a flawless safety record.

Whether our scaffolders install a small access tower or a huge structure complete with temporary roof scaffolding, ongoing safety remains key to the successful delivery of your project.

If you choose an unqualified and/or inexperienced scaffolding company for your work-at-height needs, your structure in Reading could become a genuine risk to health and wellbeing. It could even endanger lives.

For your benefit, we have outlined below some essential advice for safe scaffold use. As reputable domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors, we set the tone for strict safety from the very outset.

Minimise the Risk of Scaffolding Accidents

Recent statistics show that 72% of all injuries suffered on or around scaffolds involved slipping, structural malfunctions or objects falling from height. It’s impossible to eliminate accidents, but the nature of these incidents highlights how improved safety can help to prevent them.

Hire a Reputable Scaffolding Company

From ground level to temporary roof scaffolding, experienced and qualified scaffolders design, assemble and alter these structures in line with current safety standards. Trustworthy scaffolding contractors will also perform a full structural inspection before handing it over to you with the required paperwork.

From this point, you hold the responsibility for maintaining its safety.

Arrange Inspections

You need to have your scaffold in Reading inspected regularly to ensure it stays in a safe condition. This starts with your workers carrying out daily visual checks for signs of damage. They should also note any mishaps that occur. For example, maybe the temporary roof scaffolding is leaking, or some components feel wobbly.

You must also schedule inspections by professional scaffolders after every 7 days of use. As a trusted domestic and commercial scaffolding company, we happily perform this task as an additional service.

Stick to Safety Guidelines

After our scaffolding contractors have assembled your structure, we give guidelines for how to use it safely. This includes vital information like maximum load capacities. Your framework – and temporary roof scaffolding, where appropriate – has a maximum load capacity to ensure it doesn’t collapse.

If you exceed the load set by our scaffolders, or ignore other safety guidelines, you increase the risk of a major incident.

Train Your Team

The contractors using your domestic or commercial scaffolding in Reading are at most risk from suffering an injury on or around it. Effective training on proper scaffold use safeguards their health. Training will vary depending on the kind of structure our scaffolding company assembles. Generally speaking, it should focus on how to move around the scaffold safely, how to perform visual checks and how to use fall arrest equipment.

To cover yourself against all eventualities, keep a training log and record all visual inspections.

Maintain Tidiness

The size of your project, as well as the structure and temporary roof scaffolding we assemble, determines how many contractors and trades operate on your Reading site. As time-served scaffolders, we recommend maintaining a tidy environment, even if you only have 2 or 3 people working at any one time.

By storing items correctly, you reduce the chances of falling objects and trips. Our domestic and commercial scaffolding contractors operate to these same standards.

Use Common Sense

While every project has budgets and deadlines (as a scaffolding company, we truly sympathise), but you must never push for results that compromise safety. Whether it’s domestic or commercial scaffolding, safe scaffold use is usually common sense. For example, clean up liquid spills immediately. Clear ice and snow. Don’t put free-standing ladders or boxes on the scaffold.

A diligent approach goes a long way to maintaining safety at your Reading site.

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