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Your Guide to Scaffold Inspections

Scaffolders work in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the UK. Given the risks that come with working at height, this is understandable. Like any reputable domestic or commercial scaffolding company serving Henley, we comply with all regulations and laws pertaining to our services. As SSSTS advance scaffold inspectors, our scaffolding contractors inspect structures – including temporary roof scaffolding – among our many other services.

By law, scaffolds must undergo inspection to some extent. This is outlined in the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The extent to which you require inspections depends on how long your structure remains in use.

Responsibility for the inspection lays with the scaffold user, i.e. the party hiring the scaffold. In most cases, your chosen scaffolding company will simply perform the inspections on their own structures and temporary roof scaffolding as an additional service.

Regardless, it’s important to understand how scaffold inspection works. This information, along with the use of competent scaffolders, helps to maintain safety at your site and to safeguard your workers. Of equal importance, it ensures your Henley-based project remains fully compliant.

What is Scaffolding Inspection?

A scaffold inspection is a meticulous examination of the structure your scaffolding contractors assemble, including temporary roof scaffolding where required. This inspection ensures domestic and commercial scaffolding is safe, both for the workers on it and for members of the public passing by.

When your chosen scaffolding company has finished assembling the framework, it must undergo immediate inspection. These checks must take place prior to first use as they confirm that the environment created is safe for the intended purpose.

Once signed off, competent scaffolding contractors must then inspect the scaffold on a weekly basis until your Henley project reaches a conclusion. While 7 days is the maximum period between inspections, you can have your chosen scaffolders inspect it earlier than this.

You must also schedule an inspection in the immediate aftermath of any circumstances that threaten the structural integrity of your scaffold and temporary roof scaffolding. This is the case even if your scaffolding company performed an inspection less than a week before. In most cases, these circumstances involve extreme weather conditions such as storms, high winds and torrential rain.

After each inspection, your scaffolders will produce a written report. You must keep this onsite until your Henley project is finished.

Each domestic and commercial scaffolding report should include:

Who Performs Scaffolding Inspections?

According to HSE guidelines, a ‘competent person’ must complete these inspections. But what makes a competent person? The guidelines go on to say that any such person has a combination of experience, training and knowledge for the type and complexity of scaffold at hand. For example, if you have temporary roof scaffolding, your chosen professional must have experience with this kind of structure.

This is why, in most cases, the scaffolding contractors you choose to erect your structure in Henley will likely inspect it. You can, of course, hire trained scaffolders for an independent inspection service if you feel it necessary. This usually isn’t a cost-effective approach though.

No scaffold is too large or complex for our domestic and commercial scaffolding company. We have the experience and credentials to assemble, alter, inspect and dismantle structures of any kind.

Our scaffolders have a flawless safety record that we take great pride in, and we have the procedures in place to ensure it stays that way.

Call 01235 537 825 to talk with a member of our team about any scaffolding queries. Our scaffolding company covers all locations in Henley and the neighbouring areas.